Department of Botany

About the Department

The Department of Biology, Govt. College for Women was established in the year 1927. The course for B. Sc. Botany was started in the year 1952 while M.Sc. Botany course was started in the year 1972.  The department is an approved research centre of the University of Kerala from 2006 onwards.

The department has eight full-time faculty members and provides opportunities for 45 graduate and 17 postgraduate students per year (including marginal increase).  The Department of Botany strives to accomplish excellence in basic and applied aspects of plant sciences by fostering innovative research and teaching that encompasses and integrates all levels of biological organization from molecules to ecosystems.  Teaching and Research programs in General Botany, Molecular, Biochemical, Developmental biology, and Physiology of plants are undertaken in the department.


  1. To impart scientific knowledge in the frontier areas of Plant Science to the women students.
  2. To train the students in the basic and applied aspects of Botany to develop scientific temper.
  3. To develop and foster research and inquisitive knowledge of students in the field of Botany.
  4. To inculcate the spirit of environmental awareness among the students
  5. To train and develop the female students with special thrust towards the economically and socially weaker sections of the society and in turn to foster the women empowerment in this section of the society.


  1. Our vision is to project the potential of Department of Botany, Government College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram as one of the premier departments among the Arts and Science colleges in the state.
  2. To impart knowledge to students in the frontier areas of Botany and also to foster their development as responsible citizens of the country.

Programs offered by the Department

Name of the Programme Subject Category Duration Annual intake Details
B Sc Botany UG (Science) 6 Semesters 30
M Sc Botany PG (Science) 4 Semesters 10
Ph D Botany Ph D (Science) 5 Years

Succession List of HODs of the Department

Sl. No. Name of the teacher Period
1 Smt.  K. V. Paul 1952-1962
2 Smt. T. Bhagavathy Amma 1962-1968
3 Dr. T. V. C. Thankam 1968-1979
4 Sri. K. Chandrasekharan Nair 1979-1983
5 Sri. G. P. Krishna Pillai 1983
6 Sri. S. Ramachandran Nair 1983-1984
7 Sri. K. Narayana Pillai 1984
8 Sri. V. U. Augusty 1985-1987
9 Smt. K. Prabhavathy Amma 1987-1991
10 Smt. Sosa Abraham 1991
11 Smt. B. Padma Kumari 1992
12 Smt. K. Usha Devi 1992-1994
13 Smt. B. Padma Kumari 1994
14 Smt. Susan Chacko 1994-1996
15 Smt. P. K. Sunanda Bai 1196-1998
16 Smt. R. Vijayambika 1998
17 Smt. S. Lalithamma 1998-2000
18 Smt. L. Prasanna Kumari 2000-2001
19 Smt. B. Kumari Girija 2001-2003
20 Dr. P S. Krishna Kumari 2003-2005
21 Sri. P. Raja Prasad 2005-2007
22 Dr. G. Balachandran 2007-2008
23 Smt. N. Shakkeela 2008-2009
24 Dr. Aniamma Varghese 2009-2010
25 Dr. A. Prasad 2010-2011
26 Dr. T. R. Jaya Kumari 2011-2012
27 Sri. V. Ramakrishnan 2012-2015
28 Dr. Sunil Kesava Deth G. 2016-2021
29 Dr. Sandhia G S 2021-2022
Sl no Name of the faculty Designation  Phone/ Email                      PROFILE
 1. Prof. (Dr) Bosco Lawrence Professor & Head of the Department

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2. Dr. VIJI. V Associate Professor

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3. Dr Anil Kumar A K Associate Professor

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4. Dr. Sheeba M.S. Associate Professor

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5. Dr. Shyam Kumar S. Assistant Professor

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6. Dr. Manoj Kumar A. Assistant Professor

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7. Dr. Gayatri G P Assistant Professor

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