Department of Chemistry

Our Vision is to be a role model in educating and graduating women, and to equip and enable them to compete in and contribute to the ever-changing, technology-centered world of the 21st century.

The Department of Chemistry pledges to encourage the advancement of science and particularly chemistry through education, research, and service missions and aims…

  • To impart knowledge and skills to our students
  • To provide innovative classroom instruction at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels
  • To communicate the excitement of chemistry to the public
  • To develop the students’ capacity to readily adapt to and make use of emerging technologies
  • Above all The Department of Chemistry stands for a Learner oriented value based educational system.


1923 – Year of establishment
1954 – UG programme started
1972 – Upgraded to PG level
1987 – Approved as research centre of University of Kerala
2006 – Supported by DST-FIST

2012 – Supported by DST-FIST

2022 – Supported by PLEASE (Govt. of Kerala)

2022 – Supported by DST-CURIE Scheme

2022 – Supported by DBT STAR College Scheme

The department is an approved research centre of the University of Kerala.

Programmes offered by the department

Name of the programme Main Subject Category Duration Annual Intake Details
BSc Chemistry Chemistry UG (Science) 6 Semsters 40 See details
MSc Chemistry Chemistry PG (Science) 4 Semesters 10 See details
Ph.D. in Chemistry Chemistry PhD (Science) 3-5 Years As pert the  available vacancies See details

Faculty Members

SL Name Subject Designation Email WebPage
1 Dr Vijukumar V G Chemistry HoD &  Associate Professor View Profile
2 Dr Shibu Prasad S Chemistry Associate Professor View Profile
3 Dr Saji Alex Chemistry Professor View Profile 
4 Dr Biju S Chemistry Associate Professor View Profile
5 Dr Sheemol V N Chemistry Associate Professor View Profile
6 Smt. Paulcy Rani P R Chemistry Assistant Professor View Profile
7 Dr Shyni Raphael M Chemistry Associate Professor View Profile
8 Dr Ajayakumar G Chemistry Associate Professor View Profile
9 Smt. Suji C S Chemistry Assistant Professor View Profile
10 Smt. Manju Anna Varghese Chemistry Assistant Professor View Profile
11 Dr Sajithra C V Chemistry Assistant Professor View Profile
12 Dr Retheesh K Chemistry Assistant Professor View Profile 

Our students excel in university exams in all academic years

BSc  Chemistry

  • 2007 – II Rank – Nisha Mariam   Mammen 
  • 2009 – II Rank – Remya Ramesh
  • 2010 – I Rank  –  Remya V
  • 2013 – I Rank  –  Vaishnavi H J
  • 2019  II Rank  Devika B S
  • 2021 I Rank  Adithya C Anand
  • 2022 I Rank  Meenu S Kumar

MSc Chemistry

  • 2005 – I Rank    – Shyni Raphel
  • 2007 – II Rank    – Lekshmy S
  • 2009 – I Rank   – Dhanya S R
  • 2010 – I Rank   – Archana V P
  • 2012 – I Rank    – Parvathy K
  • 2013 – II Rank   – Lekshmi A S
  • 2013 – III Rank  – Saranya Bose
  • 2014 – II Rank   – Nisha G Pillai
  • 2020 – II Rank   – Malavika
  • 2021 – I Rank   – Salome John
  • 2021 – II Rank   – Arpitha A
  • 2021 – III Rank   – Rakhi Krishna R K
Succession List of HoDs (Chemistry)
Sl No. Name Period
1 Prof. K. Parvathy Amma 1954-1964
2 Prof. Sarada Ponnan 1964-1966
3 Prof. Gopala Raman 1966-1969
4 Prof. Kungimoideen 1967-1975
5 Prof. Velappan Nair 1975-1977
6 Prof. Lekshmi Narayanan 1977-1978
7 Prof. L. Thankamma 1978-1979
8 Prof. Annie Thomas 1979-1982
9 Prof. K. Sarojini 1982-1985
10 Dr. T. M. Madhusoodanan 1985-1986
11 Dr. K. P. Dharamaraja Iyer 1986-1988
12 Prof. Jameela Beevi 1988-1994
13 Prof. Raja Kumari 1994-1995
14 Prof. Annakutty P. D. 1995-1996
15 Prof. E. K. Thresia 1996-1997
16 Prof. N. Prassana Kumari Amma 1997-1998
17 Prof. Suseela Kumari B. 1998-1999
18 Prof. Y. Razia 1999-2001
19 Prof. G. Prasanna 2001-2002
20 Prof. K.G. Indira Bai 2002-2005
21 Prof. P. P. Narayanikutty 2005-2008
22 Prof. Mary Hose 2008-2011
23 Dr. P. G. Sushamma 2011-2012
24 Dr. A. Mary Dorothy 2011-2012
25 Dr. V. K. Remadevi 2012-2013
26 Dr. V. Sasikala 2013-2015
27 Dr. Ushakumary D. 2015-2018
28 Dr Dinesh Babu K V 2018-2023
  • 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer (JEOL)
  • Spectrofluorometer (Fluorolog®-3)
  • Infra red Spectrometer (Schimadzu)
  • UV – Vis Spectrophotometer(Schimadzu)
  • HPLC (Analytical) – Perkil Elmer
  • Flash Column Chromatography Unit (Septech)
  • Ultracentrifuge (Beckman Coulter)
  • Magnetic Susceptibility Balance
  • Rotary Evaporator
  • We share the sophisticated major instruments in our lab with the research scholars and students of other research centers and institutions for nominal rate.
  • More than 500 samples are analyzed every year
  • About Rs. 40,000/- has been generated per year through this facility
  • The fund generated is utilized for the maintenance of the instruments through PTA.
  • Several institutions both inside and outside the state are benefited so far.
  • Many research papers are published by collaborative research using this facility.
  • The beneficiaries acknowledge us in their publications, presentations, project reports and theses.
No Month & Year Title Convener Sponsor
1 Mar-11 “Instrumental Methods in Chemistry IYC-I” Dr. Bessy Raj B N Chemistry Association
2 Mar-11 “Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy IYC-2” Sri. Biju S Chemistry Association
3 Dec-11 National Seminar on “2D NMR Spectroscopy and Computational Chemistry” Shibu Prasad.S. DCE
4 Dec-11 National exhibition “Nucleus expo” Dr. Saji Alex DCE
5 Jan-13 National Seminar on “Modern approaches in chemistry” Dr. K.V. Dinesh Babu DCE
6 Oct-13 National seminar on “Tomorrow’s Material Science” Dr. Usha Kumary D DCE
7 Oct-13 “PRADYOT-13” a science cum cultural fest Dr. Bessy Raj B. N & Chemistry association
Smt. Sheemol V.N
8 Nov-14 National seminar on “Natural products in Medicinal Chemistry” Dr. Bessy Raj BN DCE
9 Jan-16 National seminar on “Current developments in Material Sciences” Dr. Saji Alex DCE
10 Sep-16 “Whole to Whole” The road to Restoration of Ozone Layer Dr. Retheesh K KSCSTE
11 Nov-16 National seminar on “ Synthetic organic chemistry: Fundamentals and advances” Dr. Ajayakumar G DCE
12 Sep-17 International seminar on “Organic molecules for material applications” Dr. Retheesh K DCE
13 Nov-18 National Seminar on “Theoretical and Computational Chemistry” Dr. Saji Alex DCE
14 Nov-18 Higher Secondary Teachers Transformation Programme – Batch I Dr Dinesh Babu K V DHSE
15 Feb-19 Higher Secondary Teachers Transformation Programme – Batch III Dr Dinesh Babu K V DHSE
16 Sep-19 From No ‘Zone’ to ‘Ozone’ – Three Decades of Depletion and Healing Dr. Ajayakumar G KSCSTE
17 Oct-19 Elements and Our World – IYPT 2019 & Spectroscopy Dr. Biju S DCE
18 Nov-19 EDURITE-Scholar in residence Programme Dr. Ajayakumar G KSHEC
19 Sep-19 Higher Secondary Teachers Transformation Programme – Batch III Dr. Ajayakumar G DHSE
20 Sep-20 “An Introspection into the Gaps in Learning and Teaching Chemistry Fundamentals” ( Webinar Series For HSSTTP Participants) Dr. Ajayakumar G Chemistry Dept.
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