The Department of Hindi was established in the year 1936. In 1971 BA Hindi main course was introduced. Since 2012 CBCSS is followed in BA main course. The course comprises 14 core courses, 8 complementary courses, 2 foundation courses, 1 open course, 1 project, 5 English language courses, 4 additional language courses, and 1 elective course. MA Hindi course was started in the year 1981-1982. 16 theory papers, 1 project, and 1 viva-voce together form the MA course. The Department offers Ph.D. in Hindi from 1987 and is an approved Research Centre of the University of Kerala.


  • To create resourceful students who can contribute to the sustainable development of Hindi in Indian society
  • To develop a positive outlook towards the Hindi language among the students
  • To facilitate the learners to build their career and develop their character in the Hindi language
  • To develop the language proficiency and communication skill of the students in the Hindi language
  • To empower the students and prepare them to face the challenges of real life


  • To provide basic and general information about the Hindi language
  • To create a supportive environment for the all-round development of our students
  • To impart good quality of education to inculcate the value of Indian culture
  • To develop a sense of social commitment and integrity
  • To strengthen student’s ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate all forms of literary expressions
  • To make them think and express ideas, sentiments in the language


Welcome to the Department of Hindi. It gives me immense pleasure to lead the department of Hindi which has a history of more than eight decades. The Department played a great role in helping generations of young women to achieve a level of communication in the National and Official language Hindi. The process of learning is extremely important in life. The motto of our department is to provide quality education. The Department provides a sound learning environment for the all-round development of our students.


  • Ph.D. HINDI


The Department library is the key resource of information for the academic community. The Library has a large collection of books, journals, theses & dissertations, reports, and other resources, offering a ready platform for the students, scholars, and teachers to pursue learning and research. More than 2500 books are there in the Library. The Library has a Periodical Section in which the print journals are available. At present, the library has subscribed 5 journals which are useful for everyone. Our library provides comfortable and friendly support to all the members of the Department. The library is open from 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM on all working days.

  1. Thirteen Faculties Have Undertaken Minor Projects.
  2. Twelve Faculties Have Completed.


  1. Department of Hindi Started Add on Course in “Computing Translation and Communication in Hindi” on 10/12/2018
  2. Dr.Shabana Habeeb has taken a class at SDE-E Padashaala on the topic Origin and Development of Hindi Drama on 07/12/2018
  3. Department of Hindi Organizing Premchand Jayanthi on 30th July 2019 . All are welcome.
  4. Premchand Day Celebration

Faculty Members

1 Dr.Jyothi N Hindi Associate Professor and HoD 9605153876
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2 Dr.Sunilkumar S Hindi Associate Professor 9446082170
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3 Dr.Majida M Hindi Assistant Professor 9745524215
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4 Salini C Hindi Assistant Professor 9656441853
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5 Dr.Latha D Hindi Assistant Professor 9497428960
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6 Dr.Ambili T Hindi Assistant Professor 9495369970
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7 Dr.Shabana Habeeb Hindi Assistant Professor 9446458505
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8 Dr.Elizabeth George Hindi Assistant Professor 9495606105
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9 Ranjini G Nair Hindi Assistant Professor 9496007277
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Sl No Name of HOD Period
1 J Sarojini Amma (1942-1944)
2 Mrs. Jannet Joshwa (1944-1960)
3 K Sarasamma (1961-1965)
4 P Rathee Devi Amma (1965-1970)
5 Major K Sarojini (1970-1977)
6 P Padmakumari (1978-1980)
7 Sri. K K Krishnan Namboothiri (1980-1982)
8 Sri. T M Rajagopal (1983-1985)
9 Sri. K Bhaskara Varma (1986-1990)
10 Smt. S Padma Kumari (1990-1993)
11 Smt. A Ramadevi (1994-1995)
12 Smt. Parukutty Amma N (1995-1996)
13 Smt. Thankamma P (1996-1997)
14 Sri. C Sivarajan (1997-1999)
15 Sri. Meera Sahib A (1999-2001)
16 Sri. Krishna Pillai (2001-2002)
17 Smt. Vasantha Kumari V (2002-2005)
18 Smt. Rema Bai K J (2005-2006)
19 Dr. C J Presenna Kumari (2006-2013)
20 Dr. P Letha (2013-2014)
21 Dr. Ramdulari S (2014-2015)
22 Dr. R I Santhi (2015-2019)


List of Ph.D. Scholars & Research Guides

SL NO Name of Guide Name of Research Scholoar Topic
1 Dr.Jyothi.N Swapna Xavier जयप्रकाश कर्दम की कविताएँ : समाजशास्त्रीय अध्ययन
2 Dr.Preetha Ramani Greeshma.P.Rajan प्रौद्योगिकी के परिपेक्ष्य में  उत्तराधुनिक कहानियाँ
3 Dr.Suma.S Krishnapriya हिन्दी कथा साहित्य में तृतीय लिंग और मानवाधिकार
Vidya कृष्णा अग्निहोत्री का उपन्यास साहित्य : मनौविश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययन
Salini C धूमिल की कविताओ में ग्रामीण बोध
Saranya S Shanu जयश्री रॉय के कथा साहित्य में सामाजिक चेतना
Neethu हिंदी फिल्मों में अभिव्यक्त क्यूर सिद्घांत
Monisha हिंदी कहानियों में चित्रित वृद्ध जीवन का यथार्थ
4 Dr.Latha D Simi.S सुषमबेदी के उपन्यासों में चित्रित प्रवासी जीवन
Sindhu V.J बदलते ग्रामीण परिवेश : अस्सियोत्तर  हिन्दी कविता के परिपेक्ष्य में
Rejitha N.R साहित्य में जादुई यथार्थवाद : गेनियल गासर्या मार्खेस एवं विनोद कुमार शुक्ल के उपन्यासों के विशेष संदर्भ में
Surya.S.Nair स्त्री विमर्श की दृष्टि से गीताश्री का कथासाहित्य : एक अध्ययन
Lekshmi G मधु कंकरिया के उपन्यास : बदले भारतीय सामाजिक संदर्भ में
Deepa R S समकालीन कविता में दलित विमर्श – ओमप्रकाश वाल्मीकि और जयप्रकाश कर्दम के विशेष संदर्भ में
9. Dr.Shabana Habeeb Jayaprabha J जयश्री रॉय के कथा साहित्य का विश्लेष्णात्मक अध्ययन
Aswathy A D प्रियंवदा के उपन्यासों का समाजशास्त्रीय अध्ययन
Sajitha S S राणेन्द्र का साहित्य: विश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययन
Sebastin Xavier सामाजिक परिपेक्षय में हरिशंकर परसाई के व्यंग साहित्य की प्रासंगिकता
6. Nimmy.A.A Sudha.A मोहनदास नैमिशराय की रचनाओं में सामाजिक बोध
Arya. T काशीनाथ सिंह का कथा साहित्य : एक विशलेषण
3. Dr.Reshmi Krishnan Deepa.G.D गीतांजलीश्री के उपन्यासों में चित्रित साप्रदायिक  विभिषिका ……. हमारा शहर उस बरस, रेत समाधि और खाली जगह कै विशेष संदर्भ में
Arun Mohan S स्वतंत्रोत्तर नाटकों में मिथकीय परिकल्पना
Revathy S प्रवासी हिन्दी लेखिकाओं की कहानियाँ: प्रवृत्तिगत अध्ययन
Shiji V.T हिन्दी कथा साहित्य में प्रौद्योगिक संस्कृति…

2000 के बाद की कहानियों के विशेष संदर्भ में

5. Dr. Poornima Archana S Nair स्वातंत्र्योत्तर हिन्दी गद्य साहित्य में सैनिक जीवन के विविध आयाम
8. Dr.Veena J Nancy Prakash राकेशकुमार सिंह के उपन्यासों में आदिवासी विमर्ष-विश्लेष्णात्मक अध्ययन
Vinaika Vijayan पंकजसुबेर का कथा साहित्य- एक विश्लेष्णात्मक अध्ययन
10 Dr Asha G Shaheeda Banu R रवीन्द्र जैन के

उपन्यासों में युगचेतना