General Transfer 2018 window is opened and can apply for transfer as follows

Employee Log in

1. College staff can login with his/her log in credentials issued by the Nodal Officer
2. Enter employee details/ View employee details
3. Enter service details/ View service details
Go to General Transfer 2018
4. Enter transfer details/ View transfer details
5.  When the transfer details of a particular employee is rejected by the Principal, for that employee the General Transfer Windoe will again open and can have the provision to edit the transfer details and resubmit.
Principals Log in
1.All Principals can have the provision to enter his/her transfer details and accept/reject transfer details of the employees in his/her institution
2.When the Principal  accept the transfer details, the transfer details online transferred  to DCE
3.When the Principal reject the transfer details, the transfer details transfer to the concerned employee log in with edit option.

All these possible only after updating the employee and service details. Since these fields are mandatory blank fields cannot navigate further

For any complaints kindly send mail to
1. The site will be available in the below mentioned URL.Rest of the credentials are  same as before.
2. It is mandatory that all the employees have to access the site only from the Ubendu installed computers.
   Nodal Officers must inform all the staff regarding this criterion.

2. The site is opened till 20-02-2018 for data updation