Parent Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association is the Organization that consists of Parents and Teachers of the College. The Parent of each student who is admitted in the college will become a member of the association. As a membership fee Rupees 30 will be collected at the time of student’s admission. The PTA has a well framed Constitution and byelaw which is strictly followed during the activities of the PTA. Name of the Association is given as The Parent – Teacher Association, Govt. College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram. The Aims of the association includes

PTA Members





Dr. Chandini Sam




Sri. S. Subramaniam

Vice President


Dr. Volga S S

Teacher Secretary


Sri. Anil Kumar S

Parent Secretary


Smt. Raji T S

Ex Officio Member


Smt. Shyma Jacob

Joint Secretary


Dr. Sunija Beegum N

Teacher Member


Dr. Jyothi H

Teacher Member


Dr. Sajin R M

Teacher Member


Sri. L. Muralidharan

Parent Member


Sri. K. N. Ashok Kumar

Parent Member


Sri. Satheesh Kumar A

Parent Member


Dr. K. Rahim

Audit Committee


1. Prof. Kitty Lopez Endowment
2. Prof. K R Indira Memorial Endowment (1)
3. Prof. K. R. Indira Memorial Endowment (2)
4. M G Pillai Memorial Endowment
5. Prof. Devarajan Endowment
7. Prof. Soudamini Endowment
8. Prof. Hridaya Kumari Endowment (1)
9. Prof. Parvathy Endowment
10. Dr. U Sivaraman Nair Endowment
11. Dr.U.Sivaraman Nair Endowment
12. M. O. Varghese Endowment
13. Endowment for Blind
14. Endowment for Best N.S.S. Volunteer
15. R. Sankar Award for Best All-rounder & Best Outgoing Student
16. R. Sankar Award for Best Sports woman
17. R. Sankar Award
18. Prof. Nabeesathu Beevi Endowment
19. Suma. K. Das Memorial Prize
20. Dr.Girija Padmanabhan Endowment
21. Staff Club Endowment
22. Dr.Kumari Bhagavathy Endowment
23. Saraswathy- Nanoo Thangavelu Endowment
24 MGV Memorial Prize
25. OSA Cash Award – Brightest and the neediest studying Arts, Commerce and Science stream
26. (a) UNNI KURUP ENDOWMENT for Best Project (c UNNI KURUP ENDOWMENT for Quiz Competition
27. U. Karunakaran Nair Memorial Award –
28. Sobitha Rany Endowment
29. Late Mrs.Chellam Chandran Merit Cum Means Scholarship –
30. Prof. Carunacarin memorial prize for French
31. Prof.V. Madhavan Pillai Endowments – Highest Marks in Sanskrit as Subsidiary in BA, MA Malayalam, Hindi & BA Music.
32. Dr.G. Padmakumar Endowment – Highest scorer in BA Philosophy and studying in Women’s College for I MA Philosophy)
33. Varakappallil Meenakshi Amma Memorial Endowment (Students Scoring Highest marks in UG and PG studying Mathematics, Best NSS Volunteer, Best Sports Woman, Best NCC Cadet, Best in Arts)
34. Prof.K. Jayachandran Memorial Endowment ( Brightest and neediest studying in MA English and B.Sc. Mathematics)
35. Dr.Nirmala Devi Endowment
36. Dr. Jaya Endowment
37. Home Science Alumni Award
38. Bhadra N Menon Memorial award
39. C. Devaki Amma Endowment
40. Damodaran Nair Memorial Endowment
41. Dr.Violet Rajam Endowment
42. Prof. N. Jayakumar Endowment
43. Lekshmikutty Thankachy Memorial Endowment
44. Prof. V. Hamsadevi Endowment
45. Kousalya Memorial Endowment (Highest Scorer in Tamil Language in BA/BSc & B Com Students who have successfully completed 2nd year.
46. Prof.S.Narayanan Cash Endowment
47. Dr.J.Sujatha Endowment
48. Noora Salim Endowment Award
49. SBT Endowment
50. Anna George Navathi Award (Highest Mark in BSc Home science)
51. Rajeswari Amma Scholarship for History (Top Scorer in BA History)
52. A Cash Award Sponsored by a Group of Teachers (Brightest and Neediest student who is a non- recipient of any other endowments.

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