Dr Dinesh Babu K V

Department : Chemistry

Associate Professor

Head of the Department

Email : dineshbabukv@hotmail.com
Phone : 9446968263
Contact Address : House No. 29, Thoppil Nagar, Paruthippara, Muttada P O Thiruvananthapuram.

Academic Qualifications:

  • PhD (University of Kerala) – 1999
  • MPhil (University of Kerala) – 1992
  • MSc (MG University) – 1989
  • BSc (MG University) – 1987

Research Guideship : Approved research guide in Chemistry (Faculty of Science) – University of Kerala

Research Students: 1. Archana V P (Part -Time), 2. Lekshmi V (Full-time)

Areas of Interest: Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry

Projects undertaken:
  • Isolation, Synthesis and Bioactivity studies on plant pigments (2009-2010) UGC sponsored project. Grant amount Rs. 60000/- [Principal Investigator]
  • Taxonomic Survey of dye yielding plants of Kannur and Kasargod Districts of Kerala and establishment of cell suspension culture for the production of Anthocyanin (2009-2010) UGC sponsored project. Grant amount Rs. 23,26,600/- [Co-Investigator]
  • Utilization of Pine apple rind as a source of phytochemicals and its biological potentials (2018-2020) UGC sponsored project. Grant amount Rs. 23,26,600/- [Co-Investigator]

Research Publications:

  1. Ruby, A. J., Kuttan, G., Dinesh Babu, K. V., Rajesekharan, K. N. and         Kuttan, R., Anti-tumour and antioxidant activity of natural curcuminoids Cancer Lett 1995, 94 , 79-83.
  2. Dinesh Babu, K. V. and Rajesekharan, K. N. : Simplified conditions for synthesis of curcumin I and other curcuminoids. Org. Prep. Proc. Intl. 1996, 26, 674-7
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  4. Ruby, A. J., Kuttan, G., Dinesh Babu, K. V., Rajesekharan, K. N. Kuttan, R Antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic activity of natural and synthetic curcuminoids.   Mutatation Res, 1996, 370,127-131
  5. Anto, R. J., Kuttan, G., Dinesh Babu, K.  , Rajesekharan, K. N. and    Kuttan, R., Antiinflammatory  activity of    natural and synthetic curcuminoids.         Pharm.  Pharmacol.  Commun. 1998,4,103
  6. V.Dinesh Babu, K. N. Rajasekharan, Synthesis of novel N-  [4-(diarylpyrazon-2-yl)phenyl]maleimides  as fluoroprobes,    Synth. Commun. 2002, 1635.
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  12. S. Anil Kumar, K.V. Dinesh Babu, R. Salini, JollykuttyEapen, M. S. Deepa, FTIR spectroscopy data as a fingerprint of withaniasomnifera root tissues: a case study with accessions of the species from keralasouthindia , Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ,2016, 6 , 5748- 5756
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  15. Ajith Kumar KG, Sunil Kesava Deth G, Pratheepkumar V, Suresh Kumar KA, Dinesh Babu K V, FTIR spectral analysis of the phytoconstituents in the mace of Myristica fragrans for the detection of possible adulteration with the mace of Myristica malabarica and Myristica beddomii.International journal of Current Research., 2016 8(11) 40897-40903.
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Memberships in Professional bodies:

President, Academy of Chemistry Teachers