Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Government college for women


Educational  qualification

  • MSc  Physics    

Organized events

Coordinator for the national seminar on ‘Introduction to Quantum Information’ organised by the Dept. Of Physics, Govt. College for women on 25 November 2013

Seminars attended

  • Presented a poster in the international conference on spectroscopy held at Lucknow on November 2016.
  • Participated the national seminars conducted by Dept. Of Physics, Govt. College for women from 2011 to 2018.
  • Participated MSc syllabus revision workshop, 2013 and BSc syllabus revision workshop(CBCSS), 2018.

Teaching Experience

13 years  in Government service.

List of research publications 

  1. FT IR And FT Raman Spectroscopic Investigations Of Anticancer Drug:  N-(6-Ferrocenyl-2-Naphthoyl)-γ-Amino Butyric Acid Methyl Ester (FNGgABME) S R Rajina,  Geethu Sudhi, S S PriyaCarol Vincent,  S G Praveen2, T S Xavier,   Peter T M Kenny, J Binoy 
  2. Inhibition of DNA mutation And Vibrational Spectral Investigation Of N-(6-Ferrocenyl-2-Napthoyl)-Glycine-D-Alanine Ethyl Ester (FNGdAEE) S R Rajina, Geethu Sudhi, Carol Vincent, S S Priya, S G Praveen, T S Xavier, Peter T M Kenny, J Binoy