Associate Professor of English 

Government College for Women 


Email address : sanchitajoshua@gmail.com 


Educational Qualification

PhD in Linguistics (University of Kerala 2017) MA in English (University of Kerala 1993) 

UGC-NET 1994 

Areas of Specialization Postcolonial literatures, Diasporic Studies,  Linguistics 

Teaching experience 24 years 

  • Associate Professor of English 2012- till date  
  • Assistant Professor of English 2006 – 2012 
  • Lecturer in English 1997 – 2006 

Worked in a government-aided private college from 1997-2007, and from 2007 till date in  various government colleges affiliated to the University of Kerala and approved by  University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of India. 

Member of Editorial Board, Littcrit: An Indian Response to Literature, National research  journal included in UGC-CARE list for Humanities, since 2013 http://littcrit.org/editors.html 


List of Publications 

National Journals 

  • “More sinned against than sinning?” – Review of Paava Kadhaigal, an Anthology on  Caste, Gender and Honour” in Littcrit, Vol.46 no.2 December 2020. ISSN 0970-8049 “Just One Slap? Thappad as a Narrative Challenging Normalisation of Male  Entitlement” in Littcrit, Vol.46 no.1 June 2020. ISSN 0970-8049 
  • “Deciphering Digital Imprintsof Identity” in Research Journal of English Language and Literature ISSN 2321 –3108. April 2020 
  • ‘Writing’ as Translation: Analysing Linguistic Matrices in Anita Nair’s Mistress” in  International Journal of English Language, Literature and Translation Studies. ISSN  2349-9451. April 2020
  • “Myriad Manifestations of the Cultural Persona in Anita Nair’s Malabar Mind” in  International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts. ISSN 2320-2882. April 2020 “The Bali Identity: Representations of the Subaltern and Indigenous in Select works  of Arundhati Roy and Anita Nair” in Littcrit, Vol.43 no.2 December 2017. ISSN 0970- 8049 
  • “Graveyard as Literary Landscape in Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness” in Journal of Literature andAesthetics, Vol 17 No.1, Jan-June 2017. ISSN 2278- 523X 
  • “From Real to Reel: A LifelongTryst with Love” in Littcrit, Vol.41 no.2 December  2015. ISSN 0970-8049 
  • “Virtual and Viral Avatars: A Study on Selfies from a Cultural Studies Perspective” English Activities Update,Vols 1 and 2 (combined issue), Jan- July 2015 ISSN 0976-3643 “Ship of Theseus:An Intellectu al and Spiritual Odyssey” in Littcrit, Vol.40 no.2 December  2014. ISSN 0970-8049 
  • “Myriad of Memories in Meena Alexander’s Fault Lines: A Memoir” in Littcrit, Vol.36 no.1 June 2010. ISSN 0970-8049 
  • Chapter in Edited Works 
  • National 
  • “Dollops of Hilarity”: The Language of Humour in the Newspaper Columns of  Khyrunnisa A, pp. 198-204. In Humour: Textsand Contexts, eds. P.P.Ajayakumar et.al, Creative Books, New Delhi, 2015. ISBN 978-81-8043-117-3 
  • “From Rags to Raja”: Partial Parallelism of Segregated Representations in Slumdog  Millionaire”, pp. 75-78. In From Fiction toFilm: An Inter Disciplinary Approach, Eds. V.P.Krishna Prabha et.al., Fabian Books, 2015. ISBN 818-733-386-3 
  • “Journey in Quest of the Self in Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe”, pp. 89-98. In Following  the Gypsy’s Foot: The Language of Travel, ed. Meera Baby R, ISDA Publications,  Thiruvananthapuram, 2013. ISBN81-87503-07-6 
  • “Bridging the Gap: Role of Intercultural Communication in ELT”, pp.131- 140. In  New Strides in English Teaching, eds. Jamuna B.S. and Lal C.A. Gowli Publishers,  2011. ISBN 978-81-920818-0-9 
  • Books 
  • Co-authored and edited Equivalency Textbooks for Standards X and VII (English) for  Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority, Department of General Education,  Government of Kerala, 2019-2020  

https://literacymissionkerala.org/wpcontent/uploads/2018/01/ENGLISH.1.pdf https://literacymissionkerala.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/STD7/ENGLISH.pdf Co-authored Good English Course Book for the Kerala State Literacy Mission  Authority, Government of Kerala in 2018 

  • Prepared Self-Learning Content for core papers of PG and UG English students of  School of Distance Education, University of Kerala, published by Kerala University  Press, Thiruvananthapuram. http://ideku.net/home/2020resources/UGEN.pdf
  • Co-edited a book titled, Humour: Texts and Contexts. New Delhi:CreativeBooks, 2015  Co-authored ASAP Foundation Course Book for the Additional Skills Acquisition  Programme (ASAP), Government of Kerala in 2012