Dr. Saji Alex 


Department of Chemistry

Govt. College for Women



Academic Qualifications

Ph.D 2006 Chemistry University of Kerala
M.Sc. 2000 Chemistry University of Kerala
B.Sc. 1998 Chemistry University of Kerala
Diploma in Engineering 1995 Electrical Engineering Technical Education, Kerala
Thesis Title Guide’s Name Institute University Year of Award
Design and Study of Some Novel Squaraine Based Sensitizers and Sensors Dr. Suresh Das National Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences and Technology (NIIST), Thiruvananthapuram University of Kerala 2006

Positions held

Name of the Institute From To
Professor (Level 14)

Associate Professor (Level 13)

Govt. College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram

Govt. College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram



Till date


Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale/ Level 12) Govt. College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram 08/08/2015 07/08/2018
Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale/ Level 11) Govt. College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram 08/08/2010 07/08/2015

Professional Recognition/ Award/ Prize/ Certificate, Fellowship received 

Name of Award Awarding Agency Year
UGC Raman Postdoctoral Fellowship

(for conducting research in USA for 1 Year)

UGC 2013

Publications (List of papers published in SCI Journals)

  1. Unnikrishnan V., Avudaiappan G, Naeema Yousuf, Saji Alex and K. Sreekumar, Synthesis of quinoline and polyhydroquinoline derivatives using phloroglucinol cored amino functionalized dendritic polymer as catalyst. ChemistrySelect, 2022, 7, 27, e202201
  2. M., Vimuna, U. M., Karthika, Saji Alex, T. S., Xavier, Microsphere rGO/MnO2 composites as electrode materials for high-performance symmetric supercapacitors synthesized by reflux reaction. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 2022, 141, 109508.
  3. Vidya Raj and Saji Alex, Phosphotungstic Acid Capped Gold Nanoparticles for Colorimetric Estimation of Gout. Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2022, 77 (10), 1267–1273
  4. , R., Athira, V. M. Vimuna, Merin Tomy, K. V. Dinesh Babu, Saji Alex and T. S. Xavier, Surfactant intercalated polypyrrole-exfoliated graphene oxide hybrid thin film symmetric supercapacitor. Journal of Material Science, 2022, 57, 6749–6762
  5. Vidya Raj and Saji Alex, Non-enzymatic colorimetric sensor for cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) based on self-assembly of gold nanorods on heparin. Gold Bull. 2021, 54, 1-7
  6. Vidya Raj and Saji Alex, Heparin Gold Nanoparticles for Colorimetric detection of Cardiac Troponin I (cTnI). Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2021, 76(11), 1245–1251
  7. Vidya Raj and Saji Alex, Naked eye detection of infertility based on sperm protamine-induced aggregation of heparin gold nanoparticles, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2018,410,3053-3058
  8. Kun Tian, Saji Alex, Gene Siegel and Ashutosh Tiwari, Enzymatic glucose sensor based on Au nanoparticle and plant-like ZnO film modified electrode, Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2015, 46, 548-552
  9. Saji Alex and Ashutosh Tiwari, Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Properties and Applications- A Review, Nanosci. Nanotechnol., 2015,15,1869-1894
  10. Saji Alex, Kun Tian, Shiang Teng, Gene Siegel and Ashutosh Tiwari, Simple and rapid green synthesis of micrometer scale single crystalline gold nanoplates using chitosan as the reducing agent. Journal of Crystal Growth, 2014, 406,12-17
  11. Saji Alex, M. C. Basheer, K. T. Arun, D. Ramaiah and Suresh Das, Aggregation properties of heavy atom substituted squaraine dyes: Evidence for the formation of J-type dimer aggregates in aprotic solvents. Phys.Chem. A, 2007, 111, 3226-3230
  12. C. Basheer, U. Santhosh, Saji Alex, K. George Thomas, C. H. Suresh, Suresh Das, Design and synthesis of squaraine based near infrared fluorescent probes. Tetrahedron, 2007, 63, 1617-1623.
  13. C. Basheer, Saji Alex, K. George Thomas, C. H. Suresh, Suresh Das, A squaraine based chemosensor for Hg2+ and Pb2+, Tetrahedron, 2006, 62, 605-610.
  14. Saji Alex, U. Santhosh, Suresh Das, Dye sensitization of nanocrystalline TiO2: Enhanced efficiency of unsymmetrical versus symmetrical squaraine dyes, Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chem., 2005, 172, 63-71.