Department of History


Department of History, Government College for Women envisions a life-oriented education that empowers students through a humanizing and liberating process, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of life.

They are empowered to respond actively to concerns and conflicts inherent in today’s world. Our thrust is in the creation of a society that is to tolerant to human problems.

The department is basically student friendly and take special care to nurture the over all needs and aspirations of the students. Though they come in with average and below average standards, we try to groom them into positive and vibrant personalities in fact they enter as cocoons , but fly out as butterflies. Department is keen on the all round development of the students.

In the career of the college, a notable part was played by the Department both in the academic and extracurricular fields. In 1928, the college became first grade with History as the optional Subject. In 1929 the first professor of History, Miss Louise Ouwerkerk, a graduate of Cambridge university took charge. In 1932 the BA course was suspended due to economic reasons and the college became 2nd Grade. It was in 1950 that the college was again raised to the status of first grade by introducing History as an optional subject for B.A.

Programmes being offered by the department

Name of the programme Main Subject Category Duration Annual Intake Details
MA History History PG (Arts) 4 semesters 19 See details
BA History History UG (Arts) 6 Semesters 60 See details

Faculty Members

SL Name Subject Designation Phone/Email WebPage
1 Mr. Manoj K History Head of the department and Assistant Professor 6282259026
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2 Dr. Deepu Js History Assistant Professor 9447501083
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3 Vimalkumar CL History Assistant Professor 9446795768 View the full profile
3 Dr. Resmi RS History Assistant Professor 9946321461
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4 Dr. Santhosh Kumar L History Assistant Professor 9526581869
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5 Vinod K Joseph History Assistant Professor 8086270831
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6 Shyma Jacob History Assistant Professor 9995208678 View the full profile
7 Mr. Deepu S History Assistant Professor 9495166641
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Succession List of HoDs

  1. Dr. K.K.Radha –  2004
  2. Dr. A.Radha – 2005
  3. Mrs. Asha.S –  2011
  4. Dr. T.Kavitha Tresa – 2011
  5. Mrs. Asha. S – 2012
  6. Dr. Geetha Rani – 2012
  7. Dr. Vijayakumari Amma – 2012
  8. Dr.M.M.Khan – 2013
  9. Mr. G. Suraj – 2016
  10. Mr. Manoj K – 2019