Equal Opportunity Cell of Govt. College for Women)

Government College for Women has an Internal Committee for Welfare of Differently Abled Students (Equal Opportunity Cell), constituted as per the directions of the University Grants Commission. It was officially launched on  25 October  2019.

The vision is to create a  barrier-free campus that could nurture the potential inherent in each differently-abled student and assist her to lead a life with dignity and worth. Its mission is capacity building of differently-abled students through their inclusive development. It is not a charity mode with just a provision of opportunities but is in tune with the basic norm of inclusive education. The aim is to assist them to be included for their meaningful development and to ensure their use of opportunities which would make them self included.

For systematic and integrated functioning, the Committee has an Executive wing, comprising a convenor who is a faculty of the college, seven teachers, of whom two are differently-abled, two differently-abled students, two parents of differently-abled students, and the Administrative Assistant of the College. Within this mandatory structure, the functioning environment is familial, as Praptha is a family of all the differently-abled students and their parents. The teacher representatives walk with these students as mentors.

Coming Programs

Action plan:

  • Identification of needs, by listening to their voices. Each student is unique and is to be assisted, without perceiving them as bearers of disabilities, but as bunches of abilities.
  • Accessibility audit and incorporation of findings in the construction plan and work of the college: To make the campus free of physical barriers
  • Assistive technology, on the basis of the category of disability: To make learning experience meaningful and delightful.
  • Permanent audio recording studio and installation of the needed software in at least one computer of all departments.
  • Creation of a voicebank and audio library
  • Accessible signage: Provide in buildings and other facilities open to students, signage in Braille and in easy to read and understandable forms.
  • Sign language interpretation and assistive aids
  • Provision of powered and user-friendly wheelchairs
  • Catering to their psychological well being
  • Designing vocational courses
  • Orientation programmes for students and their parents, to create awareness on higher education, career-building, competitive exams, protective legislation, welfare schemes, health, medical facilities, Government Orders, and all rights.
  • Arranging motivational sessions with eminent persons to uplift their spirit
  • Strengthening inter-personal relation: Regular get together, campus walks, visits to places they prefer, observance of important days and cultural events etc.
  • Collaborative capacity enhancement programs-with Government bodies, NGOs, media and supportive individuals and organisations
  • Regular monitoring of programme implementation, redressing grievances, and connecting them to official agencies responsible to ensure their rights.
  • Academic publications of these students, and encouraging participation in academic events.
  • From caterpillars to butterflies: developing these students as resource persons and motivators who would spread awareness among the public, and enable other differently-abled persons to realise their worth in the society.

Poster created by differently abled students (members of Praptha) in connection with the international day against child labour

World autistic pride day 2021- June 18. Google meet 5.30 pm-6.30 pm