Being a pioneering academic institution of glorious past, our mission is to provide quality education in arts and science disciplines to girl students to enable them to face the challenges of the world with courage and confidence as socially responsible citizens. We have been serving our duty as a noble platform, catering the higher educational needs of girl students, in diverse areas of literature, arts and science subjects over a period a century.
We could strive to new heights of academic excellence through a thorough retrospection with a detailed analysis of the valuable feedback gathered from all the stakeholders. Feedback collection and analysis is the best way an institution can step forward with improved performance towards achieving the goals. Our institution has been invariably keeping the practice of collecting the feedback from the internal stakeholders like faculty members and students and from the external stakeholders such as parents and alumni. The responses from higher authorities, the Dept. of Collegiate Education, Dept. of Higher Education and University of Kerala (to which the college is affiliated) also are sought regarding the activities and performances of the college. The evaluation remarks by accreditation agencies like NAAC, national agencies like UGC and DST, and state level authorities also have given great inputs for the betterment of the institution.

Feedback form on curriculum

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  • Alumni’s feedback form on curriculum
  • Employer’s feedback form on curriculum

General Feedback

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  • Parent’s Feedback Form

Student Satisfaction Survey

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Action Taken Report Based on Curriculum Feedback from Stakeholders 2020 March