Psychological Resources Center is a unique facility under the Department of Psychology, funded by the Department of Collegiate Education, Govt of Kerala. It is established with the aims of raising the standards of teaching and building psychological resources for the public and policymakers. The center will be functional soon.

Psychological Resource Center has the following facilities and equipment:

  • Neuropsychological Laboratory: A neuropsychological laboratory with modern software-based equipment for neurofeedback, biofeedback, EEG, and neuropsychological testing. The laboratory has advanced neuropsychological equipment like CANTAB Connect, Nexus-4, and CNS vital signs test battery, in addition to a large array of the most widely used standard neuropsychological tests.
  • Training Laboratory: A center for the training of counseling and other psychological skills. It has the facility for skill demonstration, role play, recording, and replaying. A large collection of training materials including manuals and DVDs on counseling and psychotherapy published by reputed training agencies are used for skill demonstration and training. The laboratory is equipped with audiovisual facilities dedicated to (A) the training of Post Graduate students in psychology and (2) to meet the training requirements of various Government agencies.
  • Research Laboratory: The center has an advanced research facility with copyrighted research software.
  • Psychological Counselling and Extension Services: The center has a room for counseling and relaxation training which will be open for students and the general public at predetermined timings.