Department of French

      The Department of French established in1980, offers French second
language courses to undergraduate students. The Department strives to build French language proficiency and communication skill in students, thus aiding their additional skill acquisitions at college. The syllabus of the French second language course has been finetuned with the international CEFRL A1 and A2 levels. Separate modules on translation, literature and civilisation are offered as well, which sharpen the student’s skills for competitive job markets and enhance their sensibilities to appreciate a new culture and literature. The Department also serves as a platform in which the students are acquainted with the opportunities in pursuing careers in foreign languages and taking up higher studies in French.

To widen the horizons of the girl students of the college, enlighten them to be conscientious global citizens, empower them to be the architects of tomorrow’s world.

– Provide sound value-based education and mould the students into
mature young women with an international outlook.
– Sharpen the soft skills and enhance the personality of the students with better abilities of self-expression.
– Bring out the creativity, leadership qualities, and team spirit of the students through the literary and cultural activities undertaken by the department.
– Train the students in effective verbal and written communication by
focusing on the four skills of communication, namely listening and
reading comprehension, spoken and written expression.
– Sharpen the non-verbal as well as mass communication skills through role-plays, discussions, and other group dynamics.
– Lay a good foundation in the language, encouraging and equipping the students for higher studies in French.
– Offer exposure to French civilisation and literature
– Train the students for internationally recognised certification for
non-native French speakers like DELF and TEF.

Faculty Members
1 Seenu Lukose J French Assistant Professor View the full profile