Department of Zoology


The Department of Zoology, Government College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram is one of the oldest departments in the College. It has been established in the year 1927 as the Department of Biology. B.Sc Zoology programme was started in the year 1952 and M.Sc. in the year 1972. The Department has been upgraded to accredited Research Centre in Zoology under the University Of Kerala from 1987 onwards.  The department is now offering B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D programmes in Zoology. Five faculties in the department are PhD graduates.

Our Vision

  • Excellence in women empowerment and education through Life Science Learning

Our Mission

  • To Train the young women to excel in life skills, science skills, and professional skills through science learning
  • To help the students to excel in their Academic activities
  • To give a scientific outlook to the students
  • To train the students to lead n eco-friendly life style
  • To assist the students to reach the path of research associated with activities in the life science for the benefit of the society
  • To train students to achieve qualities like sympathy, cooperation and empathy
  • To help the girl students for the women empowerment through various activities like nature camp, seminars and training class
  • To train the young women to solve the problem in modern life scientifically

Message from Head of the Department

The Department always tries to provide effective learning experiences with ample training in practical and experimentation skills in the various fields of Life Sciences. The Department is always focused to achieve its  defined mission catering its stated vision.

Programmes being offered by the department

Name of the programme Main Subject Category Duration Annual Intake Details
MSc Zoology Zoology PG (Science) 4 Semesters 15 See details
BSc Zoology Zoology UG (Science) 6 Semesters 35 See details

   PhD Zoology                                              Zoology                         Doctoral                3 Years               —

Faculty Members

SL Name Subject Designation Email WebPage
1 Dr. Sajeeb  Khan A Zoology Associate Professor & HoD View the full profile
2 Dr. Anisha G S Zoology Associate Professor View the full profile
or visit the personal webpage at
3 Dr. R Pradeep Kumar Zoology Associate Professor View the full profile
4 Smt. Jayachithra S K Zoology Assistant Professor View the full profile
5 Dr. Praveen Kumar P P Zoology Associate Professor View the full profile
6 Dr. Volga S S Zoology Assistant Professor View the full profile
7 Smt. Hyzil J B Zoology Assistant Professor View the full profile
8 Smt. Savitha P Zoology Assistant Professor View the full profile
9 Smt. Manomi Prakash Zoology Assistant Professor View the full profile
Sl No. Name of Student Year Programme Rank
1 Chithra Prasad 1994-95 BSc First Rank
2 Susan Thamarackal 1994-95 BSc First Rank
3 Sumithra Devi 1995-96 BSc First Rank
4 Susan Thamarackal 1996-97 MSc First Rank
5 Manjari S. 1999-2000 BSc First Rank
6 Devi R.R. 2002-03 MSc Third Rank
7 Gayathridevi A.J. 2010-11 BSc First Rank
8 Nimmy S.T. 2011-12 BSc Second Rank
9 Revathy 2011-12 MSc Third Rank
10 Gayathridevi A.J. 2012-13 MSc First Rank
11 Athira Gireesh 2015-16 MSc Second Rank
12 Gouri. S 2016-17 BSc First Rank
13. Unnimaya. J. S 2017-18 BSc Third Rank
14 Simna Siddique 2020-21 MSc First Rank
15 Bismaya B. L. 2020-21 MSc Second Rank
Sl No. Name of the Faculty Period of service as HOD
1 Sosa P. John 1952-1954
2 Dr. Molly Thomas 1954-1959
3 Dr. N.I. Joseph 1959-1969
4 Parameswara Iyer 1969-1971
5 Dr. Elizabeth Mathew 1971-1975
6 P. Leela 1975
7 R. Parameswaran Pillai 1975
8 Dr. Elizabeth Mathew 1976
9 Thankamma Alwyn 1976
10 P. Leela 1977
11 S. Oommen 1977
12 P.K. Chellamma 1978-1982
13 K. Leela 1982-1983
14 N. Rajamma 1983-1986
15 M. Stephen 1986-1987
16 K. Leela 1987
17 K.K. Sethumadhavan 1987-1988
18 K. P. Balakrishna Pillai 1989-1992
19 E. Christudas 1992-1993
20 Dr. Geetha Bhaskar 1993-1995
21 Annamma Joseph 1995-1999
22 P. Jayarajan 1999
23 S. Sobhanakumari 1999
24 Saramma Chacko 1999-2000
25 J. Jayakumar 2000
26 P. S. Habsa Beevi 2000-2003
27 Treesamma George 2003-2005
28 J. Jayakumar 2005-2007
29 Dr. K. Pankajam 2007-2008
30 Dr. S. Jaya 2008-2010
31 D. Mohanakumar 2010-2013
32 Dr. R. Rani 2013
33 Dr. Anisha G.S. 2013 -2020

Research Guides

  •  Dr. Anisha GS
  • Dr. Praveen Kumar PP

Research Scholars

  • Manzia N
  • Tessy Augustine
  • Ancy Raju
  • Vidhu Krishna U J


  • Dr. Praveen Kumar Published new article entitled ” Homology Modelling, Phylogenetic Analysis and Molecular Dockingof Glutamine Aminotransferase, gatD from Clostridium botulinum” in Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2020, 10(4), 46-57.
  • Reshma S (2016-18 batch) qualified NET-JRF (CSIR), Feb, 2022
  • Dr. Praveen Kumar Awarded Guideship in Zoology, Kerala University, Nov, 2020
  • PhD in Zoology (Kerala University) awarded to Shri Pradeep Kumar R, Assistant Professor on Feb, 2020
  • M.Sc student Simna Siddique qualified NET-Lectureship, June 2020
  • Bhavana S Sabu secured 2nd Prize in Zoology Online Project Presentation, conducted by Dept. of Zoology, Cochin College, August 2020
  • Reshma .S. our former student joined SCTIMST for PhD programme

NAAC Best Practices (2019-2020)


Paper Bag Making


World Mosquito Day Celebrations (August 20, 2019)


National Seminar on Aquaponics, November 5&6, 2019

  • Onam festival is celebrated by the department by online mode via google meet